Coconut Oil vs Chemicals: Why Natural Teeth Whitening is Superior

BLVNCO coconut oil naturally whitens teeth

Coconut Oil vs Chemicals: Why Natural Teeth Whitening Is Superior

Gum irritation. Tooth sensitivity. False promises. Such drawbacks make people think twice about over-the-counter oral care products which contain harmful bleaching agents such as hydrogen peroxide. But even a visit to the dentist is expensive and might not be worth your time.

BLVNCO's solution? Coconut oil pulling kits in convenient, easy to carry sachets.
Made with all-natural ingredients, our coconut oil pulling kits are infused with a blast of peppermint to freshen your breath. And unlike traditional oil pulling (which can be messy and time-consuming), our sachets are neatly packaged and are small enough to carry with you anywhere.
Classy, portable, and bursting with peppermint, our coconut oil pulling kits give you oral health care on the go.
A Brighter Smile With Coconut Oil
Like our activated charcoal polish, BLVNCO's Fresh Mint Coconut Oil Pulling kit whitens your teeth without the use of synthetic ingredients.
So how does it work? All you need to do is swish the contents of our coconut oil sachet in your mouth for 5-15 minutes then spit. It's that simple.
The result: natural but powerful coconut oils break down the stains on your teeth, making them whiter and more lustrous, while also removing harmful plaque and bacteria for a healthier smile. Not only does coconut oil pulling naturally whiten your teeth, but it also provides a full oral detox.
Plus, our natural peppermint oils freshen your breath without leaving an unpleasant chemical aftertaste.

Teeth Whitening Made Easy

BLVNCO's Fresh Mint Coconut Oil Pulling kits come in sachets of 14 for a 2 week teeth-whitening regimen, or 28 for an entire month's supply.

All natural. 100% effective. Our coconut oil pulling kits combine whitening action with the convenience of mobility.

For a brighter smile, also consider BLVNCO's whitening polish with Activated Charcoal, or get a complete oral detoxification with our BLVNCO Box.

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