Beyond Teeth Whitening: Boosting Your Immune System With BLVNCO

Boost immune system

BLVNCO understands that poor oral health can lead to more serious conditions of the body, such as diabetes, heart disease and respiratory illness.

That's why our products do more than just whiten teeth: they improve your overall health.

The secret lies in our all-natural ingredients, which have been carefully selected to enhance your immune system and deliver a full-body detoxification.

Activated Charcoal

Used by hospitals for drug overdoses, its power to kill toxins makes activated charcoal more than just a tooth whitener.

 It also prevents gum disease and removes harmful plaque or bacteria which, if ingested, can lead to serious lung infections.

So protect your body with BLVNCO's Activated Charcoal Whitening Polish.

Myrrh Oil

Famous for its anti-bacterial properties, myrrh oil is also found in our whitening polish.

Brushing with myrrh has many benefits, including fighting microbial infections (cough, fever, colds), relieving sore throat or nasal congestion, and disinfecting the mouth to prevent ulcers, sores, and gingivitis.       

The result: a healthier immune system.

Calcium Bentonite

Our Activated Charcoal Polish uses calcium bentonite to strengthen enamel and cleanse the mouth of toxins.

Betonite also has amazing anti-bacterial properties which help it absorb “unhealthy substances in the mouth...before you swallow them and become sick.”

Coconut Oil

Full of antiseptic elements, coconut oils cleanse your mouth and prevent harmful bacteria from entering the stomach, keeping your immune system free of viruses.

By swishing our Coconut Oil Pulling sachets for 15-20 minutes, you can also: relieve sore throat, dry lips, and sinuses, while the lauric acid's antimicrobial powers kill bacteria, viruses and fungi, keeping your entire body disease-free.

Peppermint Oil

Not only does it freshen your breath, peppermint oil is a natural decongestant which frees up your nasal passages, provides sinus/headache relief, and eases sore throats.

It's also a powerful expectorant, helping asthma sufferers and alleviating coughs.

So whether you use it with our Coconut Oil Pulling kits or Activated Charcoal Polish, peppermint oil has immense health benefits and should factor into your oral detox routine.


BLVNCO realizes oral health is tied to your overall health. That's why our teeth whitening products use only the finest natural ingredients to protect both your mouth and your body.

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  • Michelle

    Great read. I tell my kids all the time that their oral health is the first line of defence against illnesses!

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