Coconut Oil vs Chemicals: Why Natural Teeth Whitening is Superior

Coconut Oil vs Chemicals: Why Natural Teeth Whitening Is Superior Gum irritation. Tooth sensitivity. False promises. Such drawbacks make people think twice about over-the-counter oral care products which contain harmful bleaching agents such as hydrogen peroxide. But even a visit to the dentist is expensive and might not be worth your time. BLVNCO's solution? Coconut oil pulling kits in convenient, easy to carry sachets. Made with all-natural ingredients, our coconut oil pulling kits are infused with a blast of peppermint to freshen your breath. And unlike traditional oil pulling (which can be messy and time-consuming), our sachets are neatly packaged and are small enough to carry with you anywhere. Classy, portable, and bursting with peppermint, our coconut oil pulling kits give you...

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Beyond Teeth Whitening: Boosting Your Immune System With BLVNCO

BLVNCO understands that poor oral health can lead to more serious conditions of the body, such as diabetes, heart disease and respiratory illness. That's why our products do more than just whiten teeth: they improve your overall health. The secret lies in our all-natural ingredients, which have been carefully selected to enhance your immune system and deliver a full-body detoxification. Activated Charcoal Used by hospitals for drug overdoses, its power to kill toxins makes activated charcoal more than just a tooth whitener.  It also prevents gum disease and removes harmful plaque or bacteria which, if ingested, can lead to serious lung infections. So protect your body with BLVNCO's Activated Charcoal Whitening Polish. Myrrh Oil Famous for its anti-bacterial properties, myrrh...

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Activated Charcoal: Why Natural Teeth Whitening Is Always Better

    Activated Charcoal: Why Natural Teeth Whitening Is Always Better Let's face it: with so many oral care products on the market it's easy to get confused—or worse, misled. The fact is most teeth-whitening strips, gels and mouthwashes are over-saturated with chemicals like hydrogen peroxide, a bleaching agent with side-effects such as irritation, sensitivity and even irreversible tooth damage. Natural Teeth Whitening from BLVNCO So you've tried the dangerous chemical option, or made several expensive visits to the dentist. But is there a better way to achieve that brilliant white smile? Welcome to BLVNCO. What sets BLVNCO apart is that only the finest natural ingredients are used. So how does it work? One of the secrets of our whitening...

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